Luckily for you, the weather is predicted to be rainy on Wednesday. 

What? Why is that a *good* thing?

Because on the evening of Wednesday May 26th from 6-7pm, you're going to want to be inside. Specifically, you'll want to be inside the Parkway North room on the first floor of PSU's Smith Memorial Student Union, so you won't miss out on our Spring Social (Bike Party!).

Here's what's in store:
  • Pizzas from Hotlips (yea, the good stuff!)
  • Soda (not so good, but you know you want it)
  • A short but spiffy slideshow introducing you to the PSU Bicycle Advocacy Collective
  • Socializing with friends (bring your own, or meet some there!)
 See you there!
Interesting sounding seminar tomorrow - check it out!

Center for Transportation Studies
Fall 2009 Transportation Seminar Series

Speaker: Niels Jensen, City of Copenhagen Traffic and Road Department

Topic: Creating a City of Cyclists: What We Can Learn from Copenhagen

When: Friday, Oct 2, 2009, 12:00 - 1:00pm

Where: PSU Urban Center Building, SW 6th and Mill, Room 204
Last week the PSU Bicycle Advocacy Collective gave a warm Portland-style welcome to about 25 new PSU students by taking them on a casual tour by bike that cruised from PSU to SE Portland and back.

Hawthorne Bridge
Total turnout at this years event, Around Town By Bike, is a healthy doubling from last years Explore Portland bike tour.  Twenty-five people is quite a handful considering that the group needed to stay together during the two hour ride, but the five experienced ride leaders did a good job keeping things safe and comfortable.  The biggest issue was when the Hawthorne Bridge lifted for mid-day testing, resulting in a small bike traffic jam.

I saw this video while checking out Traitor Cycles.   Seemed like some good motivation to go ride a bike during even the rainiest days of September (maybe as part of this month's Bike Commute Challenge)!
The Northwest Earth Institute ( a local non-profit that develops discussion courses empowering people to take responsibility for the Earth. They are holding and an event at Hopworks (a restaurant located at 29th and Powell) on October 19th.  The event is extremely simple.  Those who choose to have dinner and/or drinks at Hopworks that evening can write NWEI on their bill and all proceeds of the meal are then donated to the Northwest Earth Institute.

 Hopworks itself is extremely bike friendly and we feel there is a natural connection between the PSU biking community and the Northwest Earth Institute.  We would love to get the word out about our discussion courses and hope to have as many people as possible bike to Hopworks October 19th in support of the Northwest Earth Institute.
Hey all!  We just joined the world of Facebook.  Feel free to stalk us by going to our page on facebook.

Come join PSUBAC coordinators on Wed, July 29th at ChitChat Cafe (SW 6th and Hall on PSU's campus) to help us brainstorm summer projects and figure out how much money we'll need to make them happen!  If you want to just come and listen, that's fine too.

All PSU students, staff, faculty, and community members are welcome to participate in the discussion.   If you come and it's your first time, just look for the group with all the helmets!

What to bring:
 * You!
 * a friend
 * a couple bucks if you want some grub
 * any ideas you might have for how we can build community and improve conditions at PSU.  If you have specific ideas and have hard fast numbers on how much things will cost, great.  If not, no worries, we'll figure it out together!


You know there is a bike parking crunch when city residents start blogging about the need to appropriately park your bike.  Considering the PSU parking crunch is about four times worse than the rest of the city, I imagine this applies here too [we hope this project should help things here].

In other news, we hope that when PSU builds more housing on campus, they take some notes from this development in Vienna which is designed for bike commuters.

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Don't miss the upcoming meeting!  I think we'll have food too (between Breakfast for Bikers, this meeting, and the food at the Bike Polo Recruitment Game, you should be good for sugary substances).

Where: Hotlips @ PSU

When: Thursday 5/28 at 5pm

 * summer planning
 * team strategizing
 * constitutional revisions

Who: you


We've been working on getting the PSUBAC online infrastructure set up.  We're almost there!  The bikes! email list is just waiting on some last minute administrative tweaks and we'll open it up for subscribers.  For the website - we've just got to finish the membership signup process and the parking petition and then we'll go live.  Exciting!