Vision. Action. Results.

The Bicycle Advocacy Collective is working hard to fulfill our mission of building community and improving conditions for cyclists at PSU.  Projects focus on physical infrastructure changes, bicycle programs, as well as building social networks that enable individuals to join together to push for positive improvements on a grassroots level.

Green Streets

One of the biggest barriers which stops people from commuting to PSU by bike is that "downtown is scary" for cyclists.  The Collective is working with the PSU Transportation Office and the City of Portland to remedy this situation, by advocating for a number of physical improvements to key streets and pathways.

Park it!

PSU is in desperate need of more secure, convenient, covered bike parking.  The Collective is demanding that PSU build the bike parking garage they've been talking about (and we've been needing) for years.  Help us by joining the 'PSU needs better Bike Parking' group on facebook [coming soon]. 

Get Connected.

Through a variety of fun social events and movie screenings, the Collective is working to connect cyclists and bike lovers at PSU.  

Share the Ride.

Coming Fall 2009, we'll be debuting a system allowing people to find ride partners in their neighborhood.  These Bike Buddies will help each other find good routes to PSU and can even participate in a 'bike-pool'.  

Breakfast for Bikers.

Look for the Bicycle Advocacy Collective between SMSU and NH (right off the CycleTrack) on Wednesdays between 9 and 11am.   Coffee and Pastries are free for everyone who comes by bike!

Lock it!

Working to encourage secure bike locking, the Collective is teaming up with the PSU Bicycle Cooperative to provide secure U-Locks at a huge discount to all students, plus a trade-in incentive for people upgrading from cable to u-locks.

A Loan You Can Love

Starting the summer of 2009, the Collective (in conjunction with the PSU Bike Co-op) will be loaning out bicycle on a long term basis to PSU students.  The project is partially funded by the PSU Millar Sustainability Grant with and will run on volunteer power provided by people like you.