Building Community.  Improving Conditions.  Creating Culture Shift.

What do these things have in common?  The answer: none of them would be possible with the help of students like you.  The Advocacy Collective is a powerful advocate for bicyclists at PSU, but only because of our members.  Committed advocacy project teams, an experienced core group of coordinators, and connections to numerous groups in PSU and the city give us the ability to work quickly and effectively on an amazingly diverse set of projects and take on some exciting goals.

So you want to be a part of this...

OK, so you are committed and love bikes.  What's next?  Here's our simple guide to getting started.

1.  Sign up on the mailing list:

Your name:
Your email address:
When you get a confirmation email, follow the directions to confirm you email address.  You'll then get a welcome message with a link to the membership form, which you should then fill out.  Or, fill it out now.

2. Come to the next meeting and get involved with one of our active teams.  Meetings are normally the last Thursday of every month, 5pm at the PSU Hotlips location (look for the PSUBAC table sign).  Make sure to watch the mailing list for meeting reminders or cancellation notices.

3. Support the cause.  Your $0* membership dues include a membership to Portland's biggest bike advocacy group, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA dues normally $25).  

*: For a limited time (Spring 09), membership is FREE (that's right!); after which member dues will be two hours of volunteering for local bicycle organizations such as BTA or CCC.

Then what?

Get your friends to donate time or money for one of the projects, or better yet - get them to join.

Write home to your parents to tell them you're helping to save the world, one gallon of gasoline at a time.

Go ride your bike.  Sometimes this is the best form of advocacy.

Ridden your bike all that you can?  Called your congressperson?  Became bike buddies with your neighbors? OK!  You are free to take a break and play video games now.